$CNK $AMC you guys know I love the cinema recovery trade so I wanted to let you know about a once in a lifetime trading opportunity. $CCIV is going to moon on lucid merger. The next Tesla trade start has been amazing from $QS to $NKLA. The hype for this is unreal. I’ve put 90% of my portfolio in $CCIV calls. I know many of you will not want to pivot at this point, but if you have some buying power left CCIV is a great play.

$GMPW a new SPAC being announced tomorrow! 💋🐳

NIHK is another new SPAC (EV)


$CCIV what will the share price hit if it ends up being lucid... this is gonna make $QS look like a penny stock

$QS this is going to $60 this week at least... I'm in $CCIV and I think that all EV related stocks will go down but this will go up with CCIV bc all of the people at leaving nio tesla etc just to get into LUCID Motors thru CCIV

@Investornottrader@swingandholdlong $50 will be decent for me too but I think $QS movement is possible for $CCIV ... $100 isn't far fetched especially with all the hype. The market loves stocks and prices them way above profit valuation..... Look at how companies lose money but have unrealistic market caps

@EMPnearyou@Vincent_Adultman Don’t forget to add some $APXT and $tdac for good measure. $BFT is a gold mine and if they announce a letter of intent for the $CCIV /Lucid deal, look out! That one could be some next level SPAC attack action. Maybe even some $QS level movement!

$CCIV entertaining..........reminds me of all the crazies at $srne when Ji was threatening to ruin families. Speculation is fun and could be promising. If this deal goes through it will be a $QS and $NKLA style run.


Does anyone know what ever happened with this SOLID STATE BATTERY company that TESLA bought a few years back?

from the founder of $LAC: Waldo Perez

66% purer than $LAC-Cauchari which Perez found

Low impurity equals lower processing costs

Only Lithium lake in South America

Blue Sky Potential $QS $ABML $TSLA


$LAC added position at 22.35 after the news ! Let’s run like $QS and $BLNK

RT@insidermonkey: All publicly traded electric vehicle, solar, hydrogen fuel cell companies in one chart:


Sold 75% of my longs in the past two weeks and buit a suite of shorts this week. Let’s see. $LUV $MTZ $FUN $TSLA $LYFT $QS $PSCT

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