We are not going down!! Don't sell at a loss we will just print money! More stimulus coming soon :)

$SPY - Leave it to Wapner to talk the markets down every show. Every question is leading, every analogy of fear, gleefully features and quotes *ckman. An operative IMO. Revels in turmoil.

$XLF printing money and keeping $SPY afloat. $QQQ doesn’t have financials that are benefiting from interest rates exploding and $TLT imploding. Tech no likey.


$800 is coming get in now and lets move with this sexy ass bullish trend.


$PLTR Bears better pray $QQQ doesn't moon today. Or, you are all gonna get fucked.

$PLTR $QQQ $TLT 10 year yield is still way below 2019. I have no idea which moron is buying it.

On the tech side, $QQQ and specifically semiconductors $SMH look great for a bounce. #stocks $SPY https://t.co/ar8XEmCnWW

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