$PTRA has been a decent IPO, now looking for a move higher with Bullish Engulfing on Friday &; bounce off the 50 MA $QQQ $SPY

$PTRA someone loaded Nov 22.5s call sweep. this is same setup with $STEM pushed down to low 16 double bottom inverse h/s, headed to 30 next month or two

$PTRA still unknown EV stock
Look at the volume, while others EV stocks sell dreams trade with milion of volume we hardly have 500k in vol.
It will come......

$PTRA Oh you shorts chicken out... why so scared to hold your short position through the long weekend?

Because you know you are shorting a legit company with massive growth.

F U shorts.

$PTRA Nice calls they were definitely covering right there down the stretch. Let's go!!!

PTRA $22.50 Nov 19 2021 CALL ⬆️🌊
Underlying: $16.84
% Difference: 25.16%
Daily $ Volume: $72,500
Volume: 1,000
OI: 239
IV: 68.57%
Bid/Ask: $0.60/$0.85

its coming soon guys just keep faith

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