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$MS $AR $PLUG $FDX and a possible break out in
$ZTS with 40% upside looks ok if we see continuation next week.
All charts fully assessed on a Technical Level.

Devoted to those investors who sold their $FCEL $GEVO $CLNE $PLUG $PAVM shares recently



ALL in... forget other stocks for a month and get in AMC while it is still under $100

$ENG all clean energy stocks are already back up! GEVO, $FCEL $PLUG, and OEG, ISUN, SUNW…. It is time for ENG to back up now. I know ENG always runs after big caps . Let’s see ENG back to $5-6 to similar to $OEG level first. $OEG should back up to $7-8 if compares to peers like $GEVO . This is just matter of time. Earlier birds get more!

$IDEX One of the companies benefiting from the US Secretary of Energy’s initiative to support clean energy and reduce the price of hydrogen fuel by 80%
$IDEX with its recent acquisition of the US Hybrid Company, which has been working in this field for more than 20 years and has contracts with the US Air Force and Navy!
Other companies: $PLUG, $FCEL

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