RT@VolumePrintcess: Yesterday's Dark Pool Whisper Trade results! Biggest gainers $PLUG $BB $FCEL $GME $C $ACB $CGC Download our app today!…

Has anyone downloaded the Iris social stock app? Asking for a friend. $THBR $CCIV $npa $IPOE $PLUG

The 6 month journey of #tesla 📈

Where will we see this stock market giant end 2021?!

$TSLA $NIO $JMIA $AAPL $PLUGhttps://t.co/hrCyIAZWt6

$PLUG Power bears we have 18 OEM deals like Renault!!!

aka 18 Hydrogen $TSLA ’s!!!

Is $f a “MAJOR” USA OEM???

$BB $PLUG $BTC.X $RIDE $NIO i just took positions in these names, which explains why they are all dropping immediately following my entry. Don’t mind me, just your regular old bag holder. :) haha

$PLUG due to do a deal with $AAPL Icar, lithium hydrogen hybrid engine

$GSAT $AAPL $nakd $itrm $PLUG
*****"I’ve made 45k with their alerts, Make as much as you want . 100% Free trading chat."*****

buy the pull back. nice reentry or entry here. Be a nice run


$PLUG not sure how people can take the Kerris Dale Capitol hit piece seriously. Shockingly unprofessional, and btw 85% of analyst have plug at buy, the avg on Dow Jones is 57%. Trend of random firms tweeting hit pieces to depress market and cover their short position is aggravating. Spruce Capitol with $MGNI (at all time high rt), Citron with $GME, many others

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