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$NIO watching 47/49 $PLTR watching 25.5/26.5 $Xpeng watching 45/46 $ momentum in green #trading for a living

@Sunnysunny1@bluffmeariver@daMike@Tripple3s Yes, it’s always great to get recognition from Apple. Check out the $BFLY app on the $AAPL app store. It has over 1,700 5 Star ratings. BFLY is going to do amazing things to revolutionize the medical industry. Combine BFLY with AI technology $PLTR and the company has a bright future.

I own $AAPL ✔️$PLTR✔️ $TSLA✔️ and i added $GILT✔️ to my long term portfolio with PLTR and GILT potential atm i can see a good end of year and a 7 month earlier retirement of my 15 year strategy. What is your strategy? i mean you should definitely have one otherwise you are driving a car without wheels.

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