Reverse Friday 🚀🚀
Powell didn't seem too concerned about rising Treasury yields and gave no hints about a policy "twist" to cool long-term rates.


$SOS $AMC $PLTR so futures are green

Even though there is concern with the market the fear may have been a bit of a premateur overreaction.

Economy opening back up will no doubt cause inflation due to sitting money beginning to circulate. In terms of $BTC.X this is only good news as it will be a hedge against said inflation. Holding $SOS cause when shit does hit the fan, crypto companies will be one of the only green in a sea of red. Not sure when this occurs but i have a good feeling.

Then again the fed can work their bullshit and slow things down as aid

This is what I think about when I hear people say “rotations it of tech stocks” or “I’m selling growth for value stocks”

$AAPL had the best earnings ever and the big boys seen that b4 earnings and got out at $145 or so and the game isn’t rigged lol now it get becomes public knowledge that majority of big money hedge funds got out of tech.. the public didn’t see how to you beat earnings revenue like never before but how can $AAPL go up from here yeah in 2-3 years through the EV sector and what there currently doing it will 3x I’m a buyer at $100 or close to I’ll start buying some do your own research too $SOS $AMC $PLTR lets get it..follow me for future call outs big plays on the wa

$SPY Jeez I'm glad I don't get my bonus until next week, thing would already be turned to dust now from trying to catch knives lol. Maybe next week will be closer to a bottom. 275 QQQ and 420 TSLA would be reasonable. $QQQ $TSLA $PLTR $AAPL


Good evening !


3/26 XOM 59 c
05 PLTR 25 c

Enjoy your night !

$PLTR $SPY $QQQ Stimulus is coming this weekend. I dare you to sell and go cash over the weekend.

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$PLTR $QQQ Somebody found a tourniquet for NASDAQ future.

$NIO $PLTR $AAPL $NIO $PTON well to say I have buyers remorse with Biden is an understatement

@InDipsWeTrust If we look at the US10 year vs the $QQQ, there really isn’t too much correlation. I think the current US10 year vs stocks is a narrative being pushed. IMO we will definitely come out of this dip. But not to sure how long. I am a bit worried on my $PLTR call position. Not to worried on stock holdings. Currently holding 19 strike, MAY 21 calls x 40. And 4300 shares.

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