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$PINS - 200 Support $AAPL

Follow for charts #TradeRep - Options - Big Board - OTC - Crypto - REAL pros

@grantpham growth is there. Cash flow margins are there. Sticky platform that has impressive engagement and monetization. This is a network effect company. Love those, $GOOGL $FB $PYPL $snap $PINS ring any bells?

$DKNG time to close my app for the day. Another shit day on the market.

This will be my 11th consecutive trading day I'll finish red.

Folks at home - stay the fuck away from tech/growth or pretty much anything I buy. I'm the kiss of death to stocks.

Fuck this stock. Fuck $PINS fuck $PLTR (though they're green for now but they'll finish red) fuck $AMC for the squeeze that will never happen. Fuck them all


What is wrong with the market? unbelievable..

Even AH, most of it down over 1%.. Tomorrow is going to be bloodbath day for market....

Just brace for the impact....

$CRSR $PINS $SQ or god forbid, you invest in the stock of a company that’s seeing growth

$SPCE $RKT $PINS $PLTR I'm sorry to tell you and I want to see that seems like the worst portfolio I've ever heard. I'm sorry just telling you the way it is

$SPCE $PLTR $RKT $PINS all in my portfolio bleeding 🩸 but expecting a bounce back tomorrow. We all knew that the Nasdaq was over bought.

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