$ATOS Has a nasal spray that’ll be used at home SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!!! $MRNA $PFE Also they are going to treat breast cancer $GLSI and it’s still cheap $ACRS 🙏

Daily Recap!

Bought $HGEN today and added to $BNGO position on this dip.

Bought some less volatile $UPS as it looks like a good bounce opportunity. Started a tiny position in $PFE Jan 22 calls.

$ACRS Sometimes after a stock does +250% for one day usually the next day it hits +50%,,i'm not in it but this stock is popping and very interesting. $lpcn $VBIV $PFE $JNJ .Some covid stocks that are crazy or stable but $ACRS is on another level. $ACRS

$srne when people realize the $PFE vaccine was a setup and its intended to kill people and not save them... We will RISE to unforeseen levels....

$PFE $AZN $ibio $MRNA
Maybe the Laggard in the Vaccine race has the advantage?

$ibio Follower
$BNTX 12,770
$AZN 18,821
$PFE 62,224
$MRNA 71,311
$ibio 89,374

Could someone explain me why iBio has so much Follower? This company is even not covered by the media and they dont have any vaccine right now?

$PFE $MRNA $JNJ $OCGN $AZN What's the China Sino Symbol? and The Russian Sputnik stock Symbol? Vaccines have a lot of players. Wall Street HAtes Pfizer and all the Moderna Insiders, dumped at least 50 000 Shares last week. Bloodbath in Vaccine Stocks, sea of Red for the next week or two.

@Bnricha91 $PFE $MRNA $JNJ $OCGN $AZN 55 People dead in the US after getting the Vaccine, 23 Dead in Norway after getting the vaccine, at least 1 in Israel. All I am saying is no one should rush or volunteer to get the Vaccine. Let the Frontline and Health Care Workers be the guinnee pigs.

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