$KO $KDP $wmt $UVXY bought dip in $PEP yesterday $140.88 and sold the rip today for another quick profit at $142.28. You can see the trade alert in my ST feed. Nicely done Finom Group traders!

SweepCast observed: $PEP PepsiCo Option Alert: Jan, 2022 $105 Puts Sweep 🐻 | Try https://sweepcast.com today! 😎 | #stocks #stockmarket #options #daytrading

$PG $K $PEP $FB $TWTR Proctor and Gamble. Kellogg's, Unilever, Adidas, Pepsi, why do you invest with fascist, anti-american companies like Twitter and Facebook? Are customers just a buck to you guys? Is the constitution and bill of rights irrelavent to you now? Shameful!!!

$Sbux $VXX $SPY $FB $PEP Anything pro-economic growth is a more probable passage when there is majority party. But anything that infringes on economic growth &; prosperity... not so much. Inside this weekend's report from Finom Group

Pi coin, new cryptocurrency still in development. Google pi coin, downaload app and start mining. You can mine on phone and accumulate some till it gets to market at the end of year. It is an invite only community. For the invite code, use my stocktwits username without the digits. Happy mining!! Happy new year. Good luck all. Cheers!kdkdnc

Large Print $PEP Size: 475263 Price: 147.42 Time: 1600

Large Print $PEP Size: 102666 Price: 147.42 Time: 1636


When a trade immediately works in your favor you take a little off the table to pay yourself for being right.... then you let the house money work for you. Small rules like this can avoid turning winners into losers etc. (Not meant to be all encompassing)

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