$HCMC $GM $F $PANW Up another 100% this morning on 12.5B shares as of 10:10am EST, HCMC is breaking out and they are favored to win their lawsuit against Philip Morris. Big Tobacco has not only profited off disease and addiction, now they have stolen patents from HCMC. Please come and support the cause in HCMC. Not everyone could afford the GameStop movement, but everyone can play and win in HCMC

Pi coin, new cryptocurrency still in development. Google pi coin, download app and start mining. You can mine on phone and accumulate some till it gets to market at the end of year. It is an invite only community. For the invite code, use β€œakgirase”. Happy mining! Good luck all. Cheers!Pqpq

$VASO I am up pretty large on this trade still holding and days like this and the past few make it hard...but I have to believe my DD....they make 75 mill in rev and the market cap is 15 mill....they are growing 100% yoy on the last quarter...they have the biggest names in partnerships $GE $PANW $IBM Cisco systems, ....netwolves is a medical data beast...and in ehealth world that we are now in they will be strong!!!!

Stay strong longs if you believe in the same research that you have done on them!!!

$CRWD down $7 a share! $PANW down $7 a share .. $BB only worth $7 a share! gotta love the power of Big money!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„

PANW Target Raised by The Goldman Sachs Group with price target $310.00 ➝ $408.00 and rating Buy

PCRX Target Raised by Needham &; Company LLC with price target $67.00 ➝ $76.00 and rating Buy

PGR Downgraded by The Goldman Sachs Group with price target $92.00 ➝ $90.00 and rating Neutral ➝ Sell

PINC Downgraded by Jefferies Financial Group with price target 40 and rating Buy ➝ Hold

$FEYE $PANW $CYBR very good run last 30 days, looking 10-20% pull back in next 60 days

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