Check out this ticker: COWI, name: COROWARE, coroware.com/ They will be pink current soon, we have a yield sign, the Co is producing hydrogen, this is a clean energy play: 0.0018
Carbon Nanotubes have excellent characteristics which enables the development and production of higher quality products. Our CNTs can be used for improved electrical conduction, and reinforcing materials in a wide variety of industries including the automotive industry, aviation industry, medical industry, and construction! :):)
Pink current soon then news!

$OXY Don't usually use the gif's, but getting excited....I'm hoping we see $36 to $40 in the next few weeks as this commodity /restructure/leveraged play gets more attention. gl!

Sold half of our $OXY calls for a nice 41% gain so far and moved the stop up to break even on the rest.

Members at http://thetradinganalyst.com are happy and profitable.

Hope the post below helped you make some money.

$OXY is good but $KOS is reaching PT $7.80/share. Oil Bukaki Incoming!


When is OPEC+ meeting?

Why is oil up 3% holy?!

$OXY I shoulda bought calls also with my shares

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