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$ORPH lol how big is this wall.. Lets go.. break 11.10

$RAPT💎 Strong move AH, been in and out scalping several times.
Have been waited for this kid to pop AH and it did❗❗
$38.95-50 ➡️ 25%+ return in one trade✅
Dont miss out on the next one😉

$ORPH no options? How am I supposed to 1000% this?!

$ORPH Every single time I smoke a blunt I stop being conservative and mature.

My new stoned PT is $150.

$ORPH BZ: Orphazyme shares are trading higher ahead of the June 17 PDUFA date for Arimocolmol. Arimocolmol was developed by CytRx and has been licensed to Orphazyme.

Did not know this…

$ORPH this is going to be the best trade of my lifetime.


$ORPH I think I deserve one of those runs where I 5x - 10x money 💰 in 1 day 😏

$ORPH I'll tell you right now we're riding on the coat tails of some tycoon that is priming this stock lol!! Thank you to whomever that might be ; )

$ORPH nervous..80% of my portfolio 655 shares average 11.92!!!

$ORPH look what $RAPT did today with just a positive clinical trial. We have passed all that and going for FDA approval... this will be huge

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