Newzoo projects more than $1.4B in global cloud gaming revenue in 2021 &; expects it to soar past $5.1B by FY23

$MSFT Xbox currently has the best shot at becoming cloud gaming’s leader - A feature of Xbox Game Pass’ Ultimate tier is that it allows for the entirety of the subscription service’s catalog to be played in the cloud. This sets Xbox apart from $AMZN $GOOGL &; $NVDA whose cloud services are standalone and marketed as gaming alternatives that skirt download times and save space on hard drives. The cloud-only approach was also the case for $sne Pla

$NVDA I love this company but this recent run-up sets it up for poor return over long term. It either goes sideways like $AMZN or is set-up for a good correction. This is an amazing company but do not chase here. Bullish on the company. Neutral on the stock

$WISH gonna blast now at any moment, get in , look at the below call sweeps


$NVDA sell your house and put it all on calls when $AMZN split?🤣

$NVDA needs to stay flat for a while let it simmer before split

$NVDA make my day and cash app me so i can add more shares, $ethaanwillis

$NVDA I think nasdaq will recover and this will go back upto $825


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