$NNOX short squeeze going on at $OCGN. Boys and girls, she's not stopping, get over there!!! $MVIS $TSLA

$NNDM $PLTR $NNOX $UAVS Citadel murdering retail stocks again.
The friends of Joe Biden admin have been doing very well this year. Hedge Funds must be crushing it on their shorts.

$NNOX getting flashbacks of when $NIO hit $13 IPO week and slowly trended down for a 1.5 years till $1.20. 😰😰

$TSLA had the technology, lacked the scale, $NNOX doesn’t have the technology so nope this is not “the Tesla of medical imaging” Miss Woods has been misled here.

What a f’ing set of stocks I have $APPS $NNDM $NNOX $SKLZ all losers 🤦🤦🤦

Surely there are good times ahead for Atomera! Will their tech make a huge difference in the semiconductor sector? For anyone who is looking into Atomera and wants to do some DD,here is a short video. $F $NNOX $CLSK

$PLTR $NNOX $ARKK $GME Hedge funds like Citadel can naked short all they want under the Biden admin. Retail investors are in the crosshairs. They are going after all the popular retail owned stocks.

$NNOX $PLTR $NNDM They know retail loves Cindy Wood stocks so their black boxes are shorting them to oblivion.

$NNOX $NNDM $PLTR Hedge funds are viciously murdering Nancy Wood stocks.

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