$PLTR $NNDM lol... I just can't with these stocks. At least I made bank on $MARA today.

$NNOX $PLTR $NNDM They know retail loves Cindy Wood stocks so their black boxes are shorting them to oblivion.

$NNOX $NNDM $PLTR Hedge funds are viciously murdering Nancy Wood stocks.


Cathie Wood picks continue to be under pressure. $NNDM, $DDD, $PLTR still looking like it wants lower. PLTR demo tomorrow but I doubt that geeky stuff impresses Wall Street.

$PLTR $ARKK $NNDM Is this what happens when the fox is guarding the hen house?

$CCIV $NIO $STPK $NNDM $PLTR sadly, you may be right. Ol' Joe doesn't know what day it is.

$CCIV $NNDM $PLTR $NIO $STPK Sell and move to crypto you won't be disappointed. Stock market is absolutely disgusting with Beijing Biden

$NNDM Actually I don't mind to see $NNDM getting short down to $1.00 per share. This at least I know I could buy at least another 1000 shares on the cheap -- the cost would be just around another $1,000 dollars. We all know $NNDM will go to $20,000 per share in ten or twenty years easily. Do you think $NNDM is better than Berkshire Hathaway? I do! It's game changing tech! Think about that. Even $TSLA couldn't even compare. Yet $TSLA is above $500 per share, and we all know how expensive $BRK.A is without even mentioning per shar

$NNDM now if only NNDM can figure how to tap into the crypto market...🤔🤔🤔

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