$GME just be wary and time your exit well, or you could end up like these lot on here $NKLA

$NKLA come have a look over at $GEVO we riding with biden

@LakeFrontInvesting@HENTAI@WolfOfWoolston that of the bus was a lie of hinderburg , besides we are talking of years ago. It's like me saying $AAPL iphone2 has a bad design, who cares? it happened 15 years ago, so $NKLA

@HENTAI@WolfOfWoolston i own $CCIV and I own $NKLA you should talk of what you know not of what you don't


LOL at people trying to compare

Nikola pushed a truck down a hill and claimed it worked... who the fuck is still invested in that?

Lucid is a bronze tanned, Brazilian supermodel, prancing around on a beach in a g-string.

Nikola on the other hand is a 500 pound behemoth with more bush than the Amazon rainforest, a vagina like a punched lasagne, that people once thought was attractive before they realised that she used to be a bloke called Dave.

Lucid > Nikola

@GerberKawasaki Watch out for Weekend at Bernie stocks. $NKLA, $GME, $KODK, Any Chinese EV SPAC https://t.co/i5KyqYrPuY

$WM What was up with that pulling the rug out from under $NKLA on the trash trucks anyway?

$NGA Ok which one of you guys listed to Alex Cutler over on Twitter? He is the biggest pump and dump artist there is. Just look what he did to people in $NKLA. Learn your lesson!!!!


General Motors used this fraud for EV publicity and dumps it. Months later GM proves to investors that it doesn’t need a fraud to play in the space and can go it alone. Today $GM is at an ATH, while the fraud is still trading -79% from its high and is still under investigation. Nicely played GM!

$CCIV Ive seen bigger red bars over at $NKLA for real lmao

$PTON is done.....those good ol' days are actually over....now investors have moved on to $BB $GM $NKLA .....or should i say RobinHood amateur crew, not investors lol

@EliBunton10 because its about to hit 20 LOL.....i have a watchlist named GARBAGE, and in there sits $NKLA $KODK and host of other negative EPS garbages lolll, there's always money in $hit, you just gotta adjust your position size and ride the momentum.

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