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Which EV company are you most excited about?

$VGAC see you Tuesday at $15 ☺️😎😎😎 Richard Branson Spac


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$GM $NIO $XPEV $IDEX $TSLA GM will explode to 70-80$ soon you wait on it don’t miss the hype bois

$CBAT CBAT always runs strong with POLA and SUNW!!! POLA and SUNW are both double digit stocks now. Expect CBAT to heat up very soon as it is a solid undervalued energy play. Partnerships. CBAT short term target $7.50-10.00+ and long term $15-18+ $POLA $sunw $NIO $FCEL

$SPY $BTC.X $CCIV $PLTR $NIO Hi friends πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ what y’all up too?!?!?!

$BB ****🚨🚨NEW DD alert!!! 🚨 🚨***
Black berry &; $NIO &; $NVDA are all linked stuff flying under radar and pieces being put together from NIO day and BB investor live streams!!!! Super bullish, follow/ re-share this

@passat34 Agreed, $CCIV is not $NKLA, $NIO, $TSLA but it’s not even Lucid! Lucid is a private company, isn’t it??

Immersive Experiences Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Our digital cockpit is an AI driven, scalable and flexible architecture that presents the user with an intelligent and immersive interface which provides, we believe, an industry leading integrated user experience. Each of the ES8 and the ES6 uses NVIDIA DRIVETM for its in-car digital cockpit. It adopts a single highly advanced proprietary controller, supporting a flexible multiple-operating system environment running Android, QNX, and Linux. This in-cabin technology enables a unified user experience across all

$CCIV $70+ after announcement of the deal. This is no $NKLA. This isn't $NIO. This is the next best thing, maybe eventually better, $TSLA. The car has been shown. It's been driven, not rolled down a hill. It is beautiful, inside and out. And I think it is smartly going to be expensive... high end clientele.

If you haven't seen the car, look it up. Here's a video of the production facility and highlights of why Lucid is different.


$DOT.X TSLA $wkhs $HYLN $NIO Download the Pi crypto app for free, costs nothing and may be worth something this year, this is not a scam and you can Google it and find out for yourself....use CallumConnolly2021 as the activation code. Just think how crazy the value off bitcoin is now.....this is a no brainer. Dont forget (CallumConnolly2021) as the invitation code use capital letters for both C's its not scam search it up if you want to check if its real

RT@simply_stocks: Love this EV graph .. credit to the rightful owner. $NIO $TSLA $NGA $LAC $BLNK. https://t.co/NKjlS65rkS

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