Elon Musk doesn’t like lidar. If he would use it, how would he face to his fans?

$TIRX and this is why Chinese companies shouldn’t be listed on us exchanges $NIO $lkncy $BABA

$GIK This is where a bunch of us early $NIO investors got squeezed out.

$TIRX no one knows the reason, im putting 1k here and test my luck, could open at $90+ tomorrow or below $5 anyway possible still 50% chance i double my money brothers at $CCIV $PLTR $NIO

$LI (revised) should be at least $100+ by now if $TSLA is 700 because it was about $200 BEFORE the stock split last year when it was even selling just a bit more cars than LI up to date. LI will continue to generate more monthly positive profit and product margins.

$LI 🍻 Triple bottoms and will bounce back UP 27 eom and higher after with higher delivery numbers and more good news.

$ONTX $AAPL $TSLA $NIO Do something .. the market crashing since you came!!


💎Journey to BILLION DOLLAR MCap(NOW $40M)
💎NOW Safe-T’s Zero Trust Network Access Solutions Approved by NASA🌏🚀
💎Targeting $92 Billion Government IT Sector
💎 Partnered with $18 Billion Dollar Thales Cyber Security Co



Today's Notable Failed Breakout Attempts: 1) $APPS 2) $PLTR 3) $NIO 4) $RIOT

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