$HITIF Is the most undervalued company I've thusfar seen. Only cannabis company making profit with insanely low forward price earnings of only 14 and with 18% growth quarter over quarter. Nasdaq uplisting coming soon too. On top of that the CEO holds 22% of the company and hasn't sold a single share in 12 years. Solely based on the fundamentals the stock should already trade above $2...

Reid Hoffman. Enough said. Y’all might want to buy $RTP before it really takes off... just a suggestion.


@Eyal6569 Still a SPAC and a SPAC’s gotta SPAC. Ups and downs all the way until the main catalysts. Merger date and then the actual merger itself. Anything cloud related is hot these days. Long time partnership with Microsoft who always speaks highly of them. They’re also a company that already makes a nice profit, which we all know is pretty damn rare is SPAC land. Just have to be patient and then we get paid, or hold long and get paid even more, IMO.

I also really like $BFT and $tdac for easy double to triple plays. I have some warrants for $NGA and $CCIV as well

Let’s rally like people did in $GME . Short squeeze of the year. Must be a team effort tough!! Who’s in?!?

$HEC just took an absolute hell of a position in here. Letting $NGA ride through merger, selling 70% @ 55 &; figuring out PR for $HEC.

ANYONE who is in on ANY spac needs to get in on HEC before the train leaves the station. Sub 12s $BFT $NGA $HEC $CCIV $CFII

Easy add. Payoneer is one of the really good FinTechs I was waiting for. Love it $FTOC


$NGA SpackAttack today but these few of mine are flashing green so far $IPOF $STPK ACEV. Will continue to accumulate STPK on pull back.
500 M in the bank, ZERO debt, low float (Pro forma shares 135.4M), Leaders in energy storage/software in a potential 1 Trillion dollar industry! Cha-Ching hold

@helpmeimpoor614 $BFT $APXT and $tdac. TDAC is a lesser known gem. Going to merge with Lottery.com, hopefully this quarter

Runners up are $NGA, and a small gamble on $CCIV, in hopes they become Lucid Air.

I remember short attacked $NNOX above 30s and dropped the price mid 20s area , then what happened? now above $50s... Same short attack happening big time to $NGA now...
Also waiting for $GIK to break $17 area walls for real BREAK OUT...

$NGA@InvesThor Still bullish on NGA? Got in in the low 13s so I am not too worried but was interested in your opinion.

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