@Stocktwits I’m no negative Nancy but the $NEO.X family and I would like somebody to make it make sense on how $DOGE.X chart is flowing with perfection but we’re still stagnant🤔.
I’m have positions in both but I don’t like my plates on different tables when I’m eating in the same house🙃.


Buy ontology, ont , it will be $10 soon mark my words

$NEO.X $BTC.X whos sleeping on this consolidation? Not me...long spot and leverage trade from here

$BTC.X $BNB.X $ETH.X $NEO.X $DOGE.X hello no-coiners. How we we all doin' this weekend?

Just buy a few, and stop it with your shit posting already 🤪

$SC.X Jan 2: that day 50% now +900% since then. $NEO.X up over +700%. $ADA.X +900% Just know what you hold. Think in percentage gains not in absolute numbers. $BTC.X since then only up 200%😴. $ZIL.X still has way more room to run!


$NEO.X waiting for gas to spike up. Want to see it above $25 soon

$NEO.X@TCTRANFO did you get a chance to look at why this chart is not working for the past 3 years or so?

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