$SPY so many chasing the s&;p crack high of day but save that energy for Coinbase tomorrow. They're going to need some bag holders once they dump 😁

$NUAN Looking for a break, and a close above this ascending triangle for a run to 49-52.

$GLSI shorts covering. Cancer play. Micro float. Results expected to be positive and @12:01 $EBON $NASDAQ

Good morning traders!🌞

Stocks indexes are trading higher today, along with $GLD and $TLT bonds. The $SPX $SPY is set to open at new highs, and while the $NASDAQ is not at all-time highs yet, it's posting stronger gains up over 0.75% in pre-market.

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$NASDAQ $CCIV $IPOF $MUDS - Nasdaq started consolidating and seems stable in the uptrend. Yesterday I said, money started flowing back into tech stocks but to large and mid caps. Today, I started seeing good flow of money into small caps! Yayyyy.. Market is biting more risky plays now.. Here are some of my observations...

MUDS - 16.16% (New DA)
RMO - 59.60% (New contract news)
XL - 11.62%
GNOG - 12.26%
CHPT - 10.48%
RIDE - 5.40%

MUDS DA volume is 38.5 Million! It's been a while to see such volume during DA. SPACs are waking up and so is small cap tech.

$XL in dedication to dirty Muddy Waters hedge fund buy $XL at 3pm. This will show dirty lying hedge fund that costed investors hundreds of millions of dollars this quarter. 3 pm ..your ass is ousrs muddy waters! $NASDAQ $GME $AMC I hope we squeeze to 52 week highs. We are trading 20% below ipo..my ass!

$djia $SPX $NASDAQ $NYA Serious question for you all... although we all know the FED is skewing the market and they really have no business trying to do so using tax payer dollars... where do you all think the averages should be without all these incentives? That's the way a "real" market is supposed to work, not a propped one. Never in history has there been so much FED pump.

This #NASDAQ correction looks very similar to the last one. Double bottom on 100 day moving average and downtrend breakout $QQQ $NASDAQ

Probably time to get back into long trades $SPX

$SPY $NASDAQ $djia Sri Paramahansa Yogananda-- considered one of the greatest spiritual leaders of modern times, said, " when you plant a seed in the ground you must not take it out everyday... you will only hamper its growth. Once they are there, leave them there, tend to them carefully. Perseverance is the whole Magic of success." Warren Buffett said, "buying shares is like buying a farm. You buy the farm for what it produces." The moral of the story: buying shares of a company is like buying seeds that you plant in a farm and then be patie

$ANKR.X we added 1200 watchers in 12 hours. $FIL.X $BTM.X $ANKR.X is ready for a 200% parabolic rise! $SPY $NASDAQ

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