$SPY $MSFT $AAPL $TSLA perdiction the moon! $DOGE VS $BTC STRANGE behavior in the mining community bitcoin pools are starting doge pools and taking away hashing power from btc... Bitcoin will be 100k as doge creeps up on etherium. Think it's crazy? See you in 5 years.

$SPY $MSFT who cares ..
you know its all BS and he cloned her and she was never real

$SPY $MSFT oh man, I just heard Melinda Gates is turning towards $AAPL ! Sorry Bill...maybe your Covid vaccine caused your dick to go limp 😂 microSOFT 😂

$AMZN $MSFT $BTC.X $ETH.X Bill Gates/Melinda Gates &; Jeff Bezos/Mackenzie Scott both divorce while the market has been on an absolute TEAR, ATHs basically. Don't even know what I'd be trying to say here, but something seems a little off... The obvious is money can't fix a relationship, and it can even ruin a relationship, but I just keep still thinking, "Why?"

$PLTR yeah... go look at a long-term chart for $MSFT .. for how long it moved sideways before moving up. Talk about long-term bag holders....

My portfolios is down 20% from when I bought in. Will I be even by the end of year? ☹️


$CRM honestly. I'm sure it will go up. But I already have $MSFT and benioff is way too much a bitch for me. $PLTR $15-$17

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