Been a while since we saw a 5% green day on these $MSFT $GOOG $AAPL $SPY $QQQ now wouldnt that be a way to celebrate July 4th weekend 😉🤣

@MinnyOhLa Your call.
I just never believed in averaging down unless it was a company which I had complete faith in.
Not sure I have that much faith in DM.
I own it but look at it as more of a spec play.

Now, if $MSFT , $APPS or $SABR dip more than 5%, I'm buying more but I have complete faith in those companies long term.
DM...not so much.


Newzoo projects more than $1.4B in global cloud gaming revenue in 2021 &; expects it to soar past $5.1B by FY23

$MSFT Xbox currently has the best shot at becoming cloud gaming’s leader - A feature of Xbox Game Pass’ Ultimate tier is that it allows for the entirety of the subscription service’s catalog to be played in the cloud. This sets Xbox apart from $AMZN $GOOGL &; $NVDA whose cloud services are standalone and marketed as gaming alternatives that skirt download times and save space on hard drives. The cloud-only approach was also the case for $sne Pla

$wmt $AAPL $MSFT $SPY $dis
3rd quarter of analyzing weekly covered call returns on these 5 tickers. Will be doing 1 more quarter to better understand avg annual returns over the long term basis.

$TWST@Cmooch 100b would be a low estimate! No other company has solid state DNA storage capabilities, and TWST patents don't expire until next decade, nor the required partners like $ILMN AND $MSFT major forward thinking investors can see this baby running back to 150, then 200 in no time as recent growth is a confident bull run.

@Jayhill007 solid play..easily worth $5, long-term a ton more than that. Undervalued and heavily shorted. This should run up to where it should be very soon. $MSFT integration to be announced soon too..should be a big catalyst.

$MSFT Can't break above $271.25. It's currently trading between the range of $270.00 ~ $270.60. It won't go any higher or lower. If this isn't manipulation, I don't know what is. Would like to see it break below $270 to buy the dip before Friday.

$SPY $MSFT quarterly chart. I can totally see Powell twirling a fake mustache he just put on and laughing “muahahah I’m rich I’m rich!”

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