$QUIK Everything getting hammered today. Just glad we are treading water.

Keep this in mind: How many times in the last few months have we seen these selloffs on small tech stocks only to have some taken for wild rides up a few days later. $LEDS $MRIN $BSQR $blin and many others. Out turn will come. Maybe tomorrow or Friday after all the economic data .

$PTIX Their drug is better than $PFE Pfizer's. Says a lot about this company. $MRIN $AMC $WISH

$MRIN I'm balls deep in MRIN but take a look at $SPRT as well and do some dd (hint:merger)

$MRIN I'm 7500 shares deep in MRIN, held over wknd. But I do think y'all need to take a look at $SPRT as well. Don't get tunnel vision cause it's a crypto stock, check the technicals. Massive SI, some sort of merger coming up. Blah blah just buy the shit Monday, will run at least 30% through the week imo.

Check out the group, 1 member of the group called this stock last weekend. Incredible gains. Great call.

$MRIN do you know a stock which ran from 1$ to 1000$? well, we'll see $TSLA, $AMZN, $blin, $F

@greekiserectus@valuationgman yep I made mistake if selling $ALF from 5.90 to $8.40 and now bought it in $15.00 and $17.00 it went to $22.00 abd I thought I was good until last couple days snd now getting fuked everyday watch it go up and down to $14.00 and $MRIN running.. I might just hold $ALF , infact I can buy more in $14.00 range and sit on it long term like people did on $NIO and $PLUG or in roku.. I had roku at $29.00 abd lost my patience and sold fir 3-4 dollar profit and now sob is a $300.00 stock..

$NIO Dear NIO family, I’ve been in the house still sub-3 and still holding.
My advice is to get in on $MRIN first thing on Tuesday!
The short squeeze here is abt to make GME look like nursery school!

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