$MNMD I compare this to $TLRY circa July 2018. In it's first couple weeks on the Nasdaq pumped to $30 then dropped to $20. Two months later Tilray was at $200, stay patient and keep accumulating.

$AMC good read. Also, pretty sure WSB has been taken over by hedgefunds. They shame $GME and AMC, and then do pump and dumps in $MVIS and $MNMD. Shame on the current WSB moderators

$MNMD Huge rebound $ETH.X busts through 2100 and beyond today $ETC.X bullish $DOGE.X reaches alltime high this week $VXRT bullish

RT@SarahAndres:@vincent13031925 $MNMD $GOEV $HIVE $PLTR and some@ARKInvest ETFs

$CMPS will have around $350 mil USD,more than double the war chest, of $MNMD after this raise and yet a much lower market cap despite having FDA fasttrack and later stage 2b trial which is looking very promising with recent mini trial of comp360 vs cipralex. Bullish MNMD but think CMPS is closer to market whichnisnproven by its ability to raise more cash IMO

$CMPS $MMED $MNMD $NUMI $LKYSF was shocked to find this to be true. I guess it just started, but ... figured I do my part, sign and share.

(never actually signed an online petition before_

$CMPS $MNMD Compass bag-hodlers YOU GOT BONED by Management. They diluted you again. Twice in a year baby. They are playing you for the fools you are. NO REVS = NO VALUE and you can forget that "late 2021" Hail Mary. Early results are NOT PROMISING but I'm just a Mycology PhD don't listen to me at all folks! $25 soon

$MNMD as much as this has exploded I think it remains undervalued amongst its peers.
$CMPS is at a 1.3-1.5 billion market cap, and its pipeline is - so far as I can see - one synthetic serotonin agonist for treatment resistant depression. Analysts have a 70$ PT for it YTD.
Shifting to $MNMD, it has many trials, it has a rich pipeline and it is capped just under a billy. It is developing novel compounds, discovering their effects (in trials) and distributing them.
From some pretty rudimentary math it’s value in a years time should be 260% greater than it is now.
I’d b

$CMPS backing the truck up after selling all my $MNMD . CMPS 1.4 billion vs 2.4 billion MNMD. And we will have double cash and low float

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