$MLND has this thing found bottom yet, or are they having a cigarette before the ass raping continues??

$MLND GREEN GREEN like a big bad money machine. maybe???

$MLND hope someone listened and got in at double double for this move

$MLND Reality is, most everyone that held through the merger &; reverse split lost money. MLND shareholders &; Tempest shareholders. The Tempest pre-merger PIPE financing raised $30 million and issued 35.3 million shares. That's $0.85 per share of Tempest (the private biotech pre-merger, not TPST).

A hedge fund that bought 1 million shares in the pre-merger PIPE paid $850k. After the merger, Tempest shareholders received 0.0322 shares of MLND/TPST for every share of Tempest they owned. So those 1 million shares turned into 32,200 shares. Putting their new cost basis at

$MLND tomorrow afternoon she spikes - nice move off bottom

$MLND 📜 SEC Form 8-K/A filed by Millendo Therapeutics, Inc. (Amendment)


15s delayed.

RT@buysellshort: $MLND merger play vote is next week the vol is not here YET. It should flow in at any moment especially off the big $TRCH


$AEI is the next big squeezer. 4 people own 83.42% of the total fl…

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