$GSAT #worstplayever... for me anyway. Why oh why did break my own rules. Greed. At least $GM, $VUZI, $MAXR and $CLSK are holding it down. On to the next one.

$MAXR Vuzix ticker symbol $VUZI (full disclosure Iโ€™m Long) just closed on a secondary that was announced a couple weeks ago for 20.50 which was a 22% discount from its then closing price of 26.32 I think that was about 7% dilution not completely sure.. but long story short yesterday closed at 27.94

$VACQ $MAXR $NSH $GNPK $npa Happy Easter fellow hodlers. Tomorrow, we head for the Moon

$MAXR ( Maxar Technologies Ltd ) | Ratings to Overweight | Price Target: $55 ยป $47| JP Morgan

$MAXR@Churchhill sold me... did some homework. Position started this morning here. Also in $HOL $SRAC $VACQ sftw, nsh.

$MAXR well those who whatch this ticker my destroyed calls broke even. What a crazy 3 days wtf. I kept half. If dips Monday in re loading but after 400 percent call jumps in last 2 days guessing some selling will happen. Monday shall be an interesting day.

$MAXR We added a little MAXR at the close today. Disclosure, longer MAXR.

@ure300 yet $MAXR has very little to do with "space travel"

$MAXR Iโ€™m happy all these shorts are loading their boats

$MAXR ... everything bleeding ๐Ÿฉธ
... &; people gave me grief that I unloaded @ 39.97 believing I could buy in again for less... fun market ๐Ÿ™

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