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In a weird twist of events, one can use the following phrases as crypto goes up/down:

1. Fuck you Elon
2. Thank you Elon


$AMP.X early days in a year or two you will be so grateful you got these prices. The mastercard, VISA, Paypal and STRIPE of crypto $BTC.X $ADA.X $ETH.X $MATIC.X

$MATIC.X 1500 coins. tough average of 1.50..... but, i’m hodling long term while staking with matic web wallet. hopefully I can make some juicy profit in a year or two. Strong project and team behind


$MATIC.X just bought into $AMP.X , these 2 are apparently tied to each other. Get in and diversify ur portfolio

$AMP.X and Flexa will allow u to soon buy on $SHOP ...Announcement sometime this summer.. $MATIC.X $DOGE.X $ADA.X


#1 Trending + "Watchers" growing at an awesome rate. 💯 Solid project with TONS of businesses already onboard. Definitely worth a look if you haven't already. $BTC.X $ETH.X $DOGE.X $MATIC.X

$MATIC.X come get some $AMP.X while you wait for the bloodbath to end

$AMP.X is a project certainly worth doing a little research on. Just a few minutes of good due diligence and it's crystal clear. 💯 🔥🚀 $BTC.X $ETH.X $DOGE.X $MATIC.X

$AMP.X Would you have bought $XRP.X $ADA.X $MATIC.X at the level AMP is now? Would you flip every spike or wait for $1 plus? Sitting here right in front of you or will you wait until .50 to buy?

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