Riot at $50 on May 7th

[experimental technical analysis combining fundamentals of mechanical engineering and finance data- not financial advice- DD]

$BTC.X Boxed in, will add if we get to the lower channel.
$MARA $RIOT on huge discounts.

$MARA $BTC.X $ARBKF $SQ $BBKCF Yeah everybody got hurt one way or another today. If you're diversified,no Way around It. Only reason I haven't lost a ton of money last few days is because my ethereum classic

$MARA positive sustained outperformance of BTC in extreme short run = signaling $BTC.X higher in coming days imo

That said, expect turbulence leading up to the close and in AH session ✋🏼💎🤚🏼

$BTC.X $MARA $RIOT $HSSFH $BFCH $DMGGF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwXw385WLcw
This is just Bybit whales taking advantage of a bad day by leveraging BTC and liquidating retail. Good day to take advantage and buy!

$BTC.X $MARA $ARBKF $BBKCF $SQ Wow, today was a HORROR SHOW! But things will get better by the end of the week,still we got spanked today. Just wish i had money to buy some of the dips, great opportunity to average down om some stocks.

$BTC.X $ETH.X $MARA $GBTC $BRARF $RIOT Relaxxxx. This is 100% not the market cycle top. Just hold, accumulate and grow rich.

This website is mostly for people who manipulate people and incredibly dumb people who fall for it.

And some pumpers.

Why am I here?


$BTC.X $MARA $SOS $EBON Mara is the king of all miners. Just sit back and by eoy this will be $150

$BTC.X this is all a scam to get in at a cheaper price for the whales. $MARA they did this last time. Short term memory plagues investors and leads to emotional investing

$MARA not phased that $BTC.X is down since mara didn't go up anyways at $BTC.X high! Seems no direct correlation since the silly $COIN IPO

$MARA $BTC.X bullish on Bitcoin long term, but let’s be realistic. This isn’t going to be big for years, just like 2017 this things gonna crash..

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