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$ALT Great day for my top 3 stocks: ALT, $ATOS and $MAC. Happy birthday to me 🎂🎊🥳🎉🎁🎂🎊

$MAC You guys catch this Naked Short slip on CNBC Hahaha! $AMC $geo 🦍 army rising!!!


$MAC I buy every Mac and Spg dip.

2025 me thanks me.

$MAC Is the world end today?I want to go shopping.

$MAC MAC bounced off of support price of $13; It appears that rotation from tech to growth and value is over and both Nasdaq and Dow in a down trend. Next support level for MAC is $12.74. MAC management does not inspire confidence.

$MAC found this on reddit
They recognized $28.9M in retroactive abatement to 2020. Add this to the $190M reported and you're right in that $215M cash revenue for the quarter. This would have also brought FFO right to around $0.65 for the quarter as well. Recognizing a non-cash abatement from 2020 in 2021 is fine. They want to remain a REIT so reducing net income is the name of the game. It allows them to stockpile more cash. At the end of the quarter they had just under $1.1B. I like what I'm seeing!

$MAC can someone make some sense of the earning report ? all i can see are stars and moon. it's like they purposely make the earning report look bad.

$MAC had approximately 37M USD go to the short side at 54 pct short Bears and Bulls are fighting close[1]=MAC


Dropped into SPG Southpark yesterday so my wife could make a few returns. Absolute zoo. Dropped wife at an entrance while me and kids stayed in car. Never have I ever seen it so busy. Got extreme anxiety just being in parking lot 😂😂😂

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