Man my CKB 2x’d since yesterday! 🤣🔥🔥
Buy it with Voyager. Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin.

Use code OAAIDN or this link to claim your BTC:


$LINK.X Off Chain Reporting (OCR) is now live on mainnet! This is BIG NEWS! Staking coming soon🙏🏼


$XRP.X Gensler getting in office and throwing out the Ripple case will trigger the next alt season. My Price Predictions Peak Alt Season (around May/June)

$ETH.X - $7500
$LINK.X - $100
$XLM.X - $3
$ADA.X - $5
$XRP.X - $10

$BTC.X do you want to know how I know we have only reached a temporary top in Bitcoin?

It’s because the previous major top was 20,000.00 even on iHub! The next major top will be just as perfect of a number! 58367.00 is not significant or perfect enough to be a top!


$BTC.X $LINK.X $ETH.X $TSLA $SQ you sir are truly a retard. Traded securities don’t just land on numbers you want them to

$BTC.X 1m $ETH.X 10,000 $BNB.X 2,000 $LINK.X 1,000

Only 4 you need, and In that order

$LTC.X I started buying yesterday at $189. Averaged down to $184. Fingers crossed. I just entered the crypto world last night. Scooped up some $BTC.X $LINK.X and $ETH.X too. Hope I entered at the right time.

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