$GEVO $FCEL $LAZR $CLNE $ACB with biden in Office lets have party tomorrow 😍

$GIK and $THBR juicy price ... Adding while weak hands are selling ..
I love the company with REVENUES ...
They should get more HYPE soon just like $XL and $RMO $LAZR did before merge with DEFM14A sec file

$LAC take those profits over to $LAZR the next leg up 🀠

$AMD huge buying opportunity over at $LAZR dont miss out 🀠

$GME take that money over to $LAZR for the next leg up!! ✊

$GM take your money over to $LAZR for that next leg up!! πŸ¦ΎπŸ“ˆπŸš€

$FRSX very solid premarket move. I held my position through the weekend as I continue think the market cap will continue to push towards 1 billion. I look at the 10b+ market cap of $LAZR and have no choice but to speculate.. πŸ€”πŸ€”

$CCIV continuation tomorrow and $CLA is the next $LAZR in lidar play. Also good to mention $BFT $RMO

$THBR Almost 10K watchers! Ready to surge ⚑

Short term PT $20-30

Semiconductors $AMBA $slab

$sbe and $LAZR they were same around low 10s ... Right DD gives you right companies 🚨🚨

$CCIV here's some reading: https://spacalpha.com/insights/letters-of-intent-and-business-combinations/

After LOI, on average 68 days until a definitive agreement is set. We have a long way to go. $gmhi I bought at 10.97 August 24th the day PR dropped on inteny. 300% up when it flipped to $LAZR on December 6th or whenever.

$GHIV realistic PT by end of month? $LAZR was epic... hoping for a good run...

$GHIV $LAZR/GMHI got pinned to let all the 11/20 calls expire, then made a huge run...

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