Who can relate 😂🤣 Follow to break the cycle ✅🥰

$GRTS When does making $10K in your day trading account ($GEVO, $LAC, $WWR) not feel so great ? When you look at GRTS at $9 in the morning and decide not to buy 1,000 shares because you're bashing a Phase 1 clinical trial company. Today easily could have been a $25K day.

$LAC New share issuance at "market conditions.". Sounds about right after a run like today.Shelf registrations will do that.

$LAC shitty..... this money of offering will be gone before mine even starts

$LAC I’ll grab a few more that I sold above if this keeps dropping.

$LAC this price won't matter when they go to sell this Lithium. Don't be foolish the short term is irrelevant even if you got in at the high today. Buy more

$LAC we will probably see a much needed pullback, but this is far from over.

$LAC I mean, I’ll probably buy some on these dumps

$LAC sneaky, ah well long term itll be fine.. I wonder how big this offering is tho 0.o long term=

$LAC Real eyes realize. Read the last sentence per the forward looking statements: "These assumptions include, among others..." "...exploration of financing options and a potential joint venture partner for Thacker Pass;"

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