The non disclosure agreement is real it’s in their contract. Most bears obviously can’t read. 😉🌴

National Institutes For Health Dr. Fauci Says J&;J Vaccine Single Dose Is On Target For 100M Doses

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Read more at: https://quantdata.us/news/19732388

$GOVX BILL GATES: Third vaccine shot may be needed to combat new coronavirus variants $SPY $ibb $xbi $JNJ

Dear Friends - Although Bharath Biotech can bring positive on Covaxin results but to get into US market with FDA approval is not that simple. And more over in USA $PFE, $MRNA, $JNJ are already fully established with Government to provide millions of dosage. Still it is in grey area, everyone should have patience until March, till then it can fluctuate. I'm not Bullish or Bearish at this moement on $OCGN.

$itrm I'm sure this stock can go up to double digit in couple month once people who really understand in bio area and realize what $itrm is doing right now.
One more thing for new investor dummies.
There office located in west loop in Chicago, not every bio company can own and set there office location like this company does.
$JNJ $MRK could buy out - (this one isn't fact yet)

$DVAX 15$ is the bottom!!! So you tell me what’s happening here? Accumulation!!!! The tutes and suits are loading up on DYNAVAX!!! $MRNA $NVAX $PFE $JNJ

CDC Reports As Of Feb 11 U.S. Has Administered 67% Of Vaccines Distributed With 46,390,270 Administered And 68,285,575 Distributed

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Read more at: https://quantdata.us/news/19622093


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