$TRIT reminds me of $JMIA .... Shorts always pick on the foreign companies with huge potential, since they know that the cheaper it gets the more profit they will make after scaring the clueless holders. $NIO had the same path in the past...... so, I'm loading here and below. PT =$17+

My free picks are posted: $CVM $AVXL $DTIL $JMIA and more.

Longer watch list than usual this AM. A lot of good looking set ups.

www. Weedkiller420.com

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$AMZN monster run incoming to 3400 for ER - numbers are most likely going to be beats here don’t miss out :) $SPY $TSLA $JMIA $QQQ

personally like $GME, been talking about it for awhile, and wouldn't you know the morning i don't have power is the morning it rips faces off :(

Might still be some left. Here's what head mentor Bob Knight thinks:

GME: Huge squeeze on the stock today as it ran from $20 to $38.65. It closed at $32.80. Support around $32.60. If the momentum comes back into the stock look to go long over $33. Trade to $34 and $35. Be careful, this stock is extended.

The watchlist is FULL of ideas!

$JMIA folks will be happy to know it made the list.
I also like

$GHIV the diminishing point of return here is exactly the same as I was seeing on $JMIA back in September and loading heavy. Not saying this is JMIA, just a similar point of return for the huge short volume out there.

$TLRY $PLUG $AMZN $TSLA $JMIA this is the biggest bet I have ever made on an option, lmk you thoughts https://youtu.be/HI18BdmVYn0

Sold 1/2 of the $JMIA swing for +8%. Added a trailing stop to the remaining shares.

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