$JFIN $HOFV $SOS $AMC $GME the market is taking a hit, no need to panic sell for a loss!

$WKEY buy and hold. Once the CEO speaks today this is going to go wild. Get in while you can. This company is amazing with their PR, and they have the CEO speaking today. $TKAT $HOFV $JFIN $ZKIN

$WKEY this is hitting over $30-$40 today. Volume is great, best momentum we have had heading into opening bell. If you aren’t capable of dealing with dips and rips. Set your sell limit to $30-$40 and step away from your phone for the day. Maybe go watch the old home made porno you made with@Ride_The_Waves wife. Whatever it is. Just distract yourself. $TKAT $HOFV $ZKIN $JFIN

$SOS If $SOS does NFT, the $TKAT $OCG $JFIN $WKEY peeps will all pile in. Would make sense for SOS to get into NFT too since they'll be the biggest miners of BTC and ETH

Genius Brands International among consumer gainers; WiMi Hologram Cloud and The9 among losers $DLPN $YVR $GNUS $LIVX $JFIN


$YVR Just bought a position in this one in Afterhours dip at 4.00$. Room to 10.00$. Highest percentage gain possible as of now out of NFT plays. $TKAT $JFIN $ZKIN $OCG

$TKAT $JFIN $OCG $ZKIN 💯🏇 and the little NFT gem about to be found $YVR 💯

$ATIF Primed to follow its peers. $3 - $5+ next!

$TKAT crazy crazy play 🔥🔥 I’ve been scalping it all morning. If you’re a beginner, don’t feel the need to be chasing all these 52 week high plays. Look over the swings I’ve been calling and set your money in low risk high reward plays. That’s how you build up capital, not by chasing the daily gainers if you aren’t experienced enough. $SPRT $JFIN $WKEY

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