@ouiii and let's be honest "Don" you're really just mad that $SE is way better than $JD, bagholding much?

$MOMO Wow MOMO has more volume today than $BABA $bidu $JD
Something is up đŸ‘€

$BABA Anyone remember "Wall St Money Never Sleeps?" Remember when Jake "illegally manipulates the market by spreading rumors about the nationalization of an Equatorial Guinea oil field which Church has invested in?" :o)

I cant believe its so easy to play so many people w/ a rumor

$bidu $JD $QQQ

$BABA Use the fear to grab the sales. Look at $bidu, the imbalance now is too wide


@BayInvestor@RihardJarc ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Probability of a rerating for $BABA $JD $TME. #invest $AAPL

$BABA Emerging market funds need to trim this trash and add more $JD and $bidu

$BABA Arb &; Algos, same play every week. 22m shares traded yesterday &; thats with the tech selloff so no real sellers.

FUD only last for a short while &; it only helps the Base &; as the saying goes "The Longer the Base the more time in Space"

$JD $bidu $QQQ

$JD please bust through 91.5 today there is no resistance or anything between that and $95

$JD the volume on this the past few days is almost record lows. Clearly nobody wants to sell.

$JD idk why people want to sell while it’s get to 110$ lol.. this is going 250$ east soon or later

$BABA $JD The relations between Washington and Beijing will improve dramatically starting next week. Huge tailwind for these guys $bidu too

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