$BABA are we back to $220 yet… my boat is ready to get loaded…$ $JD $wmt $AMZN

$SPY if Xi wants to "Beat their heads in" he's not going to hurt his Tech companies hes going to boost them :o)

Wars are fought in a different way now &; the US needs China &; Xi knows it.
If you think differently just look down &; tell me the phone you're using to troll today &; tell me where it came from. Nuff said $AAPL

So odd how people cant read btwn the lines


$BABA Today he's depressed in the Tech Sect, follow the rules :o)


$BABA Chinese stocks are not down because of Xi, #1 they dont make their money from the US, the volume is telling you theres no big firms Selling.

#2 Ive been saying this for 2 weeks so unless Xi also knew that I think we're ok :o)

#3 going into the Job number &; after the Fed speak last nite + todays ADP # Tech was going to see some selling as a Hedge.

This is what I was getting at at 10am today.
Its a Buying opportunity, just need to know it was coming

$JD $AAPL $AMZN $bidu

$BABA Folks look at the Volume, 8.7m shares have traded. This is no grand Selloff its a Buying Opp. Market was set up to do this today &; $BABA hit Maxpain,
Breathe &; relax. $DIDI is looking great!


$BABA $JD going back to gap fill. 🤷🏻‍♂️ dump $SPY

$BABA $JD You have to also look at the context. He didn’t say China would bash heads in. He said heads would be bashed trying to get through a steel wall of 1.7 billion Chinese. Self inflicted wounds 🩸

$BABA $JD “Heads bashed bloody” comment didn’t help sentiment at all. Never expected those type of comments from Xi. But he’s defending his country and telling everyone who’s interfering to gtfo. Political 💩 always in the way.

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