$JAGX This is the future that I see is going to be very bright. πŸš€πŸ¦¬πŸš€πŸ¦¬πŸš€

Today was a clear message that the correction is near. Still I expect $JAGX (3rd flip) and $GBR to recover well towards powerhour. Apologies if my $UAVS add is bleeding for any who followed but I really do believe in it long term. Overall this may be my 2nd non amc related red day in 2021, but thankfully $CCIV mitigating damage. Days like these are all about dip buys, glad I got two in for Jag and a nice $600 one off $SOS

$SLRX report to social media that this is the next mini float stock runner over 300% any day, amazing news out!!!

$SBFM I was able to scoop up some shares on this dip...but not as many as I’d like. My funds better hurry up before this thing blasts off $NVAX $GLSI $TSLA $JAGX

$SOS that was a gift for me that was late in. Load up here 😍 $CCIV $JAGX

$JAGX $BNGO $APHA $OCGN so all my babies and rest of the market is crashing.

Lunch dip/discount day for HF, enjoy it!

$CTRM $JAGX $CCIV $BIOL $RBNW guess what time it is πŸ’° let’s go may we all have a great week believe and go get it

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