$IPOE the biggest slap in the face here is watching $DOGE.X run instead of this.

$IPOF $IPOD $IPOE $CLOV $DM if Chamath doesn’t make a move soon, his reputation is on the line.

SPAC Boom Faces Latest Threat From SEC in Accounting Discussions
U.S. regulators are throwing another wrench into Wall Street’s SPAC machine by signaling changes for how accounting rules apply to a key element of blank-check companies.

Gotta go thru the storms in order to see the sunshine $CLOV $FUBO $PLUG $IPOE OPEN SRAC

Barley any bids mostly all sells on a constant basis $CLOV $FUBO $IPOE $PLUG OPEN PLTR PSFE THBR SRAC

$PSFE $WPF $AACQ $pdac $IPOE This is applicable to pretty much every quality SPAC that’s been hit during the recent correction, IMO.

$OPEN $mile $IPOE this is the Chamath cycle. Same thing happened with $BTC.X and $TSLA. It always ends with like a 30X short squeeze and the bulls that stick around get rich.

if you don't own these then it's obvious why you don't have any friends

$FSR $IPOE $PSFE $psth $SRNGU So this a completely random question but I’d like to see other peoples thoughts about whether or not we are currently in an overall stock market bubble?

$SRNGU@DreamingOwl@Wolfofwits Great point here from you both. A little groundswell of confidence coming back in SPACs this past couple weeks with $MUDS, $RICE and upturns across the sector. Ginkgo Bioworks was on a lot of people’s wishlists with expectations to go public via IPO- Jason Kelly has not minced words about that trajectory and plan. For a SPAC to sneak in and give retail a chance they may or not pounce on due to valuation concerns, would be a massive win- love the choice.

I am heavy in $IPOE, because by the time I’d be able to buy at noon on IPO day, S


So much for Value and Cyclicals lol. Nobody wants that boring sh*t for more than a few weeks

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