@eightytwentie its interesting that $IPOD and $IPOF dont even have announcements and are now priced higher than $CLOV while $CLOV has been nothing but good business news

$CLOV $IPOD is worth more than this now. You pump and dumps went too far. Joe Biden gonna send this to the moon.

$IPOF anyone got any good SPACS that haven’t moved yet $IPOD $IPOE $BFT

$IPOE $IPOD $IPOF $OPEN $CLOV Its disgusting how on 🎯 i was with These. I know they weren’t in the order i predicated but still 🦯🦿💹

$CCIV Riskier than my usual plays, but added moderate position here for a potential EV play. $IPOD

Today's $CCIV news was just a rumor... Let's hope Lucid Motors is shopping the deal w/ Chamath for $IPOF. The time is now &; Lucid will get the most traction w/ Chamath. All he has to do is just back-burner Coursera for IPOG). What does the community think? $IPOD $IPOE? Guaranteed, if Chamath made a phone call, he could steal this deal out from underneath the feet of $CCIV management team (investors would be bitter, but you can't argue that it wouldn't be more successful under Chamath's umbrella). Haters, please chime in.

$CCIV entered at 12.90.. these 2K shares.. I wish I had more money to buy it. Lucid is definitely a game changer. $psth get Stripe, $IPOF get Chime, $IPOD get Autogrid.. life will be set for 2021.

$npa $IPOF $IPOD $NGA - Move your money over to $CCIV Lucid EV company...news today. Thank me later

$SVFAU Another big name SPAC play. Added 3000 Units this AM @12.5.
Add it to the green list $SBVCF $IPOF $IPOD $IPOE

$RIDE $SBVCF $IPOD if only there was someone that told us about all these spectacular plays before they broke out? 🤷‍♂️🤣🚀🚀🚀

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