I'm staying on the sidelines of $INTC $AMD and $NVDA right now. I'm not saying they can't go up, but I think competition is going to increase in the CPU and GPU space and margins will probably be compressed while top line revenue growth flattens.

$INTC has Huawei sale licence revoked by trump administration (will Biden cancel?). $AMD picking up bigger share in server market, taking away from $INTC Continued semiconductor shortage due to increasing demand with not particularly large increase in supply. Hold or short here.

$AMD $INTC Great discussion on AMD and Intel for the week ahead on how to trade them using options:


Another great week! Gains of over 2400% and over 18% returns!! A big thank you to this community.

*Only people who can read financials please*
How high do you think $INTC will go this week and how far do you think $AMD will drop? honest guesses pls

$VXX β³πŸ“ˆπŸ’° Fear Index were up on friday as we had low volume on tech. companies. Be sure to watch the market trends on tuesday. We are still bullish on $PLTR $nflx $INTC

β³πŸ“ˆπŸ’°Earnings to look out for next week:
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@ArsalaanAli6 I agreeπŸ’―...my wife &; I were left holding the bag w/ $INTC &; $BA when the #market crashed in March.
My… https://t.co/H6zX5YcRPg


In addition, we will also benefit from higher content in 5G phones, which are forecast to double in unit sales in 2021 to around 500 million units. We anticipate healthy unit growth in the PC market, and graphics should continue to benefit from new gaming consoles and from new gaming cards launched in the second half of last year. We expect the cloud market to grow at a healthy pace

Mid Week Swing Chat Update:

Jan Off to a great start, $INTC $LAC $bidu most notable movers of late. Small caps working!

Perfect for busy

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