$LOTZ told ya’ll to hold through days and weeks of 📉 now it’s starting to finally pay off. similarly if you’re in $IDEX , HOLD !



CBAK technologies will be the TOP competitor for $QS in the near future!.

$IDEX listen c*nts, this is a long hold, you’ve known that since you got in, and not a single one of the long term catalysts has been activated yet. Buy or hold, or be like me when I sold all my $NIO at 3$. F*ck you.

$FIII SPACs blows up very quickly and by trading you may miss the entire run, look at $CCIV with huge float blows up. Let alone us 25M float for ELM identical sister to $IDEX 1/2 of its market cap means $100/share.

$NIO $IDEX $GEVO hold these to the moon u won’t regret and better get in $UXIN while ur at it thank me in 2 years

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