$MARA Feb 1 PR: We expect all 4,000 of these miners to be installed by the end of February, and based on current schedules, we anticipate receiving and installing an additional 6,300 miners in March and another 4,800 in April.


$BFARF this Canadian crypto catch up run is gonna be on steroids $HUTMF $HVBTF

$SOS Got in today, better late than never lol. Check out $HVBTF as well if you haven’t.

$ISWH I just bought the dip! thanks for the opportunity!!!! big blessing!!! Sale here folks! next Mara / $RIOT $HVBTF $SOS $GTEC


$QQQ at 20 daily EMA... will the #PPT save it in a couple of hours?

FYI, Canadian mining $BFARF $HVBTF very attractive compared to overpriced pigs like $RIOT $MARA for the late comers.

Bitfarms announce it has increased our previously announced order of 3,000 MicroBT M31S+ miners by 50% to a total of 4,500 miners. These 4,500 miners will be delivered on schedule and be in production over the next 30 days. Bitfarms' current mining ope


Miners all following $QQQ today.

If $SOS drops and recovers from yesterday's low of day of ~9 I'll probably throw some more chips in.

I'd rather just get canadian miners for the next $BTC.X pump though.


$SOS if the ticker isn’t a warning i don’t know what is. Chinese corruption, not mining anything, 10+? Yeh i don’t think so. Save yourself the trouble and move to literally any other one. $HVBTF or $BFARF are the best value.

$HVBTF I need to add to this right at open! Still can’t believe it’s under $5 $MARA $RIOT $SOS


See miners comparison. Ok today is special, chart if out before market opens. Maybe a red day so people might think more about their holdings.

I add few columns in colors, should be helpful and significant to consider. Especially forward Daily mining estimates. Of course, hashrate difficulty will rise so coins mined will be lower, but that’s all we have for now. Any addition of capacity become then key to watch companies PR.

BTC moves slowly like that is SOOO better, crazy jumps even up are not good to stomach. GLTA.

$SOS or $HVBTF ? Got 10k? Split or 1 or the other what yous reckon?

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