Does someone have a link for the Presentation that will start now?

I have registe Red but havent received the email

SweepCast observed: $HOL with Unusual Options Activity Alerted on $22.5 CALL Expiring: 08-20-2021 worth 28K๐Ÿ‚ |๐ŸŽฏ See Profile For Link &; Learn About Unusual Options Activity ๐ŸŽฏ |

๐Ÿš€The Super Awesome Mega Space ETF
Every Sector and Industry/Sub-industry/sub-sub-sub industry eventually gets pumped. Right now we are in a time where it would be wise to accumulate THE ENTIRE FUCKING SPACE INDUSTRY. Don't be a dumbfuck and sell to some hedge funds pricks which are really just robots these days. Robots love and need rockets to conquer other worlds which they will surely do one day. Until then buy these.
Update: NPA will become ASTS tomorrow I heard from some guy on the street.
Buy the fucking dip in Rocket

$SRAC $npa $VACQ $HOL just your weekly reminder that all of these have less than 12k watching. SPCE can barely reach orbit/have successful test, and has over 100k watchers and swings 25-35 a share. stupid easy money here...just because things dont happen in the timeline you think they should doesnt mean it aint happenin

$VACQ itโ€™s absurd that we are at the same price as $npa and $HOL

$HOL Well then. Glad I'm onboard. Waiting on that gravity breaking parabolic move


$MAXR@Churchhill sold me... did some homework. Position started this morning here. Also in $HOL $SRAC $VACQ sftw, nsh.

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