I just had a one on one with the Universe and she told me that these two stocks are going to have a beautiful day tomorrow $CLOV $HOFV 🤙🏽

$CLOV $HOFV imagine if $GS put a buy recommendation with a $100 🎯 these 2 would still go down 5-8%

$CLOV $HOFV proof of the short manipulation by the firms and I’ve pointed out Sabby Management many times... these fuks!


@markhill17 it all started with $CCIV 🥲🥲 expensive bag holdings and selling for losses since then. Now bag holding this $HOFV and $DLPN

115 million Naked shorts in $GME thru "DARK POOL TRADING" and they have extended themselves to 71 million Naked shorts in $HOFV? Are they nuts?

$HOFV Market being effected today by other world economies. Nasdaq holding on well but small caps getting slaughtered today. Massive sell offs and shorts had their day. Some stocks are gifts right now at these levels. $SOS $ATOS $GEVO $AMC

$ATNF $AMC $HOFV $SOS $GME Come get you some and burn these shorties. This is your moment

$FUBO $SOS $HOFV $AMC who’s gonna pop first??? they can’t be held down forever can they?!?!

$HLRTF When we hit 40 today with this be trending? Good things happening with Hillcrest. $AMRS $ETH.X $HOFV

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