Guys, have you look at your watchlists?
All red?
All green?
More one than the other?

Where is the money moving too?

I am starting to see a pattern!!

Biden is a shortseller!!..he is with citadel!! 🤣🤣😂😂🤭🤭

$HMBL $NNDM $wkhs
To the asshole that got my account suspended yesterday

$GBOX still in undercover operation, let the first ER show the strength and growth with some upgrade coverage. $GBOX will fly higher than $SQ, $MARA, $HMBL or any other Fintech, Cryptocurrency payment platform! Get in before we take off!

$HCMC Small risk &; big reward.
Your choice.
Once in a life time opportunity.
if you miss $NIO , $HMBL , $GME , $DOGE.X run
Here is your chance.
Do not miss it!!!

$HMBL Just some perspective...

I lurked on 'twits way longer than I've been a member here. I read the same type of nonstop bearish posts on $MVIS.

"CEO is a fraud!"


It was under a quarter when I made my first purchase, and I was quickly scared I was going to lose it all. Holy shit was it hard to hold through all the ups/downs/sideways action. I mean really sick to your stomach hard. Will my wife be mad, hard. I only want what's best for my children, hard. In the end, conviction prevailed.

Time is m

$HMBL once my $MVIS run is over, profits going here to beef up my position even more! MM are beating down Humbl to get more!

$VYGVF behind a paywall, but worth reading if you have seeking alpha access... Voyager is extremely undervalued at only 2.6B valuation. Competitors with the same assets under management and revenue have 5-6B valuations. Great time to get in.


$HMBL $PYPL FUCK PAYPAL!!! Looks like their should be a mass exodus and tank their share price this week!!!! Fuck them!!!!
Bring your money to the next big player Humbl!!


😮 Check this out! Woah!

PayPal has shut down donations to the ARIZONA RANGERS, a group of law enforcement providing extra security for the election audit. So@PayPal is anti law-enforcement and pro voter-fraud?

Unexpectedly might be seeing a shift in cash flow starting next week from PayPal investors into Humbl favor.


Mrs. ShortSlaya is a full time stay at home mother. Now that both kids are old enough to be in school all day, she figured she’d look into a part time “work from home job.”

I said, “hell, you could bash stocks.”

She was disappointed when her application was denied because she can pass a criminal background check.

Lol.....obviously joking.

Hope all the Bulls and Longs are having a happy Sunday. Looking forward to a green week.

You can see the potential this company has. Here’s a shot of retailers around Chicago through the Humbl app. Simply click on the retailer and pay. When retailers start accepting crypto this will take off. Way more beneficial to us than using USD. 🚀

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