$HEC saw a ted talk on how talking to a computer is actually better bc people lie to therapists. this could be a good site for ai talk therapy
$NEBCU everybody adopted dogs during covid - once they get vaccinated and go back to work they're gonna need walked
$EZGO 3x revenue growth yoy. 13g's for days
$AVEO same

Don’t even want to look at my account today!! Only green is $HEC $CCIV

$HEC safest place for your money with highest upside imo

@lukeam you should def be in $IEA as much as $HEC. IEA is one of the largest green/wind/solar companies in the US, recent MM loaded 200+ mill at 20's. 2.4 BILLION in backlog work to due for 2021, fair value around 90s+. Only S3 they have ever used was for buying more companies. Recent hedge did a fake offering to transfer shares from one hedge to another and panic sold to the level 16.75, to which they are now loading even heavier. EX GREEN Brother for 2021, set it and forget it

$HEC I thought warrants were supposed to mimic the actual stock?

$HEC $THBR $NGA what do all 3 of these companies have in common?

They all have great management teams which is the #1 key for business growth IMO. They could potentially receive funding and become backed by the government, NGA electric school buses, HEC mental health for government employees, and THBR semiconductors shortage which Biden is currently addressing at the moment. There is a huge demand for all of these products currently and the growth will continue over the next 5 years. The markets for which these companies operate in have no clear market leaders at the momen

$HEC bullish πŸš€ HEC, HOTH and CEMI .... news anytime...

$HEC bought 11.08 today for my second buy in..... holding powder for a third purchase if dips $10.65_$10.90 easy hold I amost expect one last dip on sell off Friday however that makes for an extra juicy spike on a stock I have studied alot πŸ€‘πŸŒˆπŸΊ

$HEC check the daily. Going to be a FAT green candle today/tomorrow

$HEC anyone buying warrants here? If so, PT on those? Thanks.


Virtual Conference on Thursday, February 25th YES?

I’m bringing Nachos

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