$GOEV i think its time to let the folks at $GEVO know theyre all buying the wrong stock!!!!

$GOEV $F needs to announce some news such as partnership (w/canoo? :) to give their stock price a boost here like GM has been doing recently!

$GOEV Canoo will be a huge growth story, it has the potential to be a $100, $200, even $300 stock because of lack of debt, super low public float, lots of proprietary technology and patents, and big partnerships getting started. If you missed out on Tesla or even
NIO, now is your chance. I got into NIO in the single digits, and people had so much doubt and impatience. They were in its toughest times, but I stuck thru it. Now I am reaping the big prize and riding it to even higher heights while the herd has only recently started jumping on the bandwagon in the 40s-50s. Canoo is in muc

$GOEV so $GEVO stock skyrocketed the same time HCAC became GOEV.... how many investors bought the wrong stock LOLL

@WoodsYOLOmoney I bought $GEVO by accident instead of $GOEV and I must say it was a pleasant surprise

@DarkPoolRogue Congrats to $GEVO from a $GOEV bag holder. No clue what GEVO is, but just saw you had 66% today. GOEV is a long play and we are waiting on partnership announcements. If you are feeling spicy, take some of those gains and put them into GOEV long hold shares or leaps ;)

$CCIV I rebalanced some of my $GOEV to grab some of these.

$GEVO congrats YALL! Never got in here but always seen it! Y’all are on track to flyyyy past $GOEV

$GEVO wrong ticker people ... it’s $GOEV you meant to whack

$SPY $NIO $GOEV $BB $BABA β€” PRE MARKET HYPE πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

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