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$GOEV once a POS always a POS….this hot wheel is not going to make it to market!

$GOEV insider ownership down 0.5% from 0.8% to 0.3%

$GOEV I just had time to read the press release about the June 17th presentation and it actually mentioned something very important.

Richard Kim, VP Design,

This is a very important person for canoo. After Ulrich left many were wondering about Kim but he will speak on June 17th.

@Strobe_Light10 2 reasons:

1) Most consumers didn't like the look of the@Canoo from the beginning. Moreover, they didn't like the name. Now... when (if) they ever get these things into mass production, both the look and name WON'T MATTER. People WILL embrace both the tech and the disruption BIGLY, but for now...

2) Match that with the fact that most didn't like the subscription model along with it. OK so fine, $GOEV dropped the subscription model, but now add all the drama of a business pivot, new management, disappointed investors, lawsuits, SEC investigati

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