$TIRX That drop was to bring more volume...👀👀👀👀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀now let's do a $GME

$TIRX the world is now awash in pure garbage (most , (99%) if not all crypto) and stonk like $GME , trading at absurd valuations.

Apes jumping up and down claiming all reason is just a bear bash


fugya , and twice on sunday

$TIRX same bears saying $GME and $AMC were hit $1 r the same saying these is scam . Good luck you dam loser ! . There’s nothing wrong with the company I haven’t found nothing 0 so, I’m in cause I’ve learn that the ones that doesn’t take risks r the one that never success 🚀🙏🏻👏🏻

$TIRX picking up lots and lots of $AMC and $GME ammo here AH!

You get premium burned!
And you get premium burned!
And you get premium burned!
Everyone gets their premiums burned!! Yay!!

115 million Naked shorts in $GME thru "DARK POOL TRADING" and they have extended themselves to 71 million Naked shorts in $HOFV? Are they nuts?

$THBR Predictions for Biden’s speech today on semiconductor shortage.
Biden states and I quote “buy the dip in Indie Semiconductor (THBR) unless you don’t have a ginormous penis.... my name is Joe Biden and I approve this message.” Then he ends the conference and goes back to office to take a nap.... solidifying himself as the greatest president of all time $GME $AMC $TSLA

$CCIV $FSR Here’s an idea if you actually are long and not just a nervous bag holder posting about supposedly buying every 25 cent “dip”.

Don’t buy yet.
Don’t buy until closer to the ticker change to Lucid.
Don’t buy until $TSLA and the EV sector stabilizes.
Don’t buy until the chip shortage is addressed.
Don’t buy until there’s substantial progress on passing the infrastructure bill.
Don’t buy until $GME falls to $2, because this trash heap poses systemic risk to the entire market so long as it’s a single cent above what it’s actually worth.


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