RT@NeeramRam:@MissionWinners Pat - As usual awesome... $SAIL &; $ADI.. crazy isn't ? you could hv mentioned $GME... went like rocket frida…

$GME I dont think any bears and even most of the bulls realize the degree to which this is rapidly becoming a cult stock.

Its a convergence of so many societal factors, new technologies, government inaction, and a once in a decade short squeeze setup that there is literally no predicting how high this will go. This will be the focus of economic case studies for years to come.

The Infinity Squeeze of 08 briefly made $VW the most valuable company in the world. How much would $GME have to go up in order for it to achieve the same?


$GME my son told me I don’t love him (true lol) so I took him to buy a video game, guess where I took him, that’s right BEST BUY. Only reason I would go to GameStop is to laugh when I see how empty and dirty their stores are.

$AMC bears are so fucked, the amount of shares im buying this week alone, gonna destroy y’all. The next $GME squeeze

$GME Crypto mooning. I haven’t checked but I bet futes are rippin as well. Bears don’t stand a chance tomorrow. At best there might be a small dip before lunch they can get out on while the chart consolidates.

$GME has a single bear case been made this weekend??? Lmaooooooo

$GME will
Never see 60$ again my friends!

Remember this screenshot this

$GME all it takes is 1 short ass hedgefund to flip BULL to make fuck over all the other short hedgefunds. Retail shorts best be careful and not be left holding the infinite squeeze bag lmfao

$GME PEople seem to think this will go up even more tomorrow

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