$CLOV $AMC $GME As Burry says when pandemic aid expires in 2 months, there will be no more retail buying of memes. That leaves institutions ect and they will only jump in on a temporary basis if that if the chart happns to look particularly good for that day. They aren't about told hold 2 grossly overpriced stocks for long that's for sure. CLOV on the other hand with it's 100% squeeze score is headed up even without that. Those who develop an overly emotional attachment to any stock tend to become bagholders. Cry and scream all you want but that's th

$UONE swinging for the next week... I think we might get some pump next week like $WISH $AMC $GME $SPCE style.. it was $24 a few days ago.. low float and i like it...

$CEI if its gona head to 52 week high its now LFG πŸš€ πŸš€ $ASTR $WISH $GME

only 58 mil shares outstanding

$ATHE $blin we have the shorts where we want them look at the 6 month chart $AMC $GME $BB $ NAKD

$blin the main thing that we all learned from $AMC and $GME story is to HOLD and all what i mention below - just HOLD we wining hereβœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…

$srne don’t underestimate the after lunch momentum. $AMC $BB $MRIN $GME

$PRVB Never say never.
$AMC ran from $2 to $70
$GME ran from $10 to $300
$SAVA ran from $3 to $120
$GLSI ran from $5 to $110
All the best, friends!

$WISH idk who's out of their mind selling this gold mine but I'm buying more. Remember when $GME CFO resigned?

$GME Enough with the $MRIN shit. Yea u win today , move your gain to $GME

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