$BIGC My mother just asked me: β€œSon, should I dump this BigCommerce garbage and add to my BlackBerry and General Motors positions?” $GM $BB What should I tell her?

$GM Perfect. Held strong all day!!! Those sold will have to buy at a higher price point.

$GM Beast mode on. Bully for the US markets all year. Buy American. Hold long. Flip pennies if u must, I did it for a year to double up. 2021 is long n strong. πŸ’―

@DinDjarinMando People in here making bank on a stock that's up the way $GM is in the last week or so and you're calling them "bulltards?" Who's the one losing out?

$GM bullish, break above $60 in the near term

Large Print $GM Size: 193082 Price: 54.84 Time: 1615 Amount: $10,588,616.88

$GM here comes analyst upgrades! πŸ‘ŒπŸš€

$GM NEW ARTICLE : Auto ETFs Rev Up as Microsoft Bets on GM's Driverless Cars https://www.stck.pro/news/GM/10438689

$GM $55 wall already broken. Looking for $56+ tomorrow at the open.

@jaoxjr22 im waiting for β€œMAJORβ€œ OEM!!! Aka $F !!!

Big 3 and $GM has their own???

Large Print $GM Size: 807683 Price: 54.84 Time: 1600 Amount: $44,293,335.72

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