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RT@mchaudhry82: Ask/Above Ask Call Sweeps: 500 Contracts or More (a/o1:14pmEST): $AAPL $GLD $JWN $AMD 😘 #StayGreen #blackboxstocks #stocks…

$GLD not big volume, miners relative strength. if this level fails, obviously uptrend more difficult

$XLF financials don’t seem hopeful that the fed is gonna raise rates anytime soon. $GLD $GDX

$GLD $SPY watching to buy my puts back at 1878 for a scalp.

$JNUG $gdxj $GLD Looks like a successful test of the 200 MA! Beautiful!!

$GC_F $GLD Gold futures as of this morning.

The short from 1905 worked (twice), but I covered and bought the dip too early near 1872.

Looking at the short-term red channel as the key structure for Gold futures this week.

$SPY $JNUG $GLD $BTC.X The emotional connection to gold, built over 5,000 years stops people seeing the technological superiority of bitcoin which has been around for less than 20 years.

I get it, it's not easy letting go of a 5,000 year old emotional attachment.

And it's this emotional attachment that has seen goldbugs lose out over something that has the same goals in mind, but simply does it better.

Stepping back, as always, technology is the great disruptor, but only for those with eyes open wide enough to let it in.


$SPY $GLD Paul Tudor Jones is one of best stock legends alive.

$GLD amazing how gold went from trash to treasure in just a few minutes. 🀣🀣

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