CTRM RS are for the other guys

$GLBS $GME $GBR $GLSI all G’S moved about 500-1000% but except $GLBS . I think this will move too like them

$GLBS Like I had said many times before , NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND WE ARE STILL ON TRACK ! This will go 300% minimum. If you sell you are literally just handing another person YOUR money. First question people seem to ask is "what happened? Why was it so much higher last year" and bears/shorts LOVE that because they can say " 1:100 reverse split " and " multiple offerings"
YES THE COMPANY HAD TO OFFER AND SPLIT! WHY YOU ASK? Well it was shorted to near death 3 times by criminal hedgefund Sabby Management who ruthlessly killed the stoc

$GLBS Part 2 : absolutely NOTHING ... it is all proportional and a way to maintain compliance in one direction and make it affordable in the other. Now for the offerings; THEY ARE DIRECT OFFERINGS NOT PUBLIC OFFERINGS . A growing company uses these to GROW MORE! (Which explains the 50% increase in fleet size this year) They aren't just diluting your shares, they are doing something of VALUE with the money they raise to ultimately raise the VALUE of the company! Ship acquisitions are a key to capitalizing in this major unforeseen change in shipping demand and pricing. Shippers, par

$GLBS Part 3 : built , now because no orders had gone in over the past 2 years there is no sign of leveling out the supply side of things until at least 2023 . Now , another major factor that played into this is China drastically increasing their infrastructure which caused the price of steel/metals to explode during the time of the pandemic. While the boats were stagnant during those times companies were losing money every day and some, needing financial relief just to keep themselves above water, decided to scrap their ships to take advantage of the price of steel/metals and saw that a

$GLBS Part 4 : investment after paying all debts etc. ! Which is what happens during a liquidations process. Now that would be a good rational in itself but let's look deeper.. this company has just increased its fleet by 50% over the past few months , has covered a minimum of 84% of its 2021 operational expenses through contracted work using under 50% of its available working power! This company is literally making 300% returns daily due to current rates . BDI is holding strong well over 2000 . Oh and did I mention this only has 10mil outstanding shares and is literally only tradi

$GLBS Raise your hand if you some at $4.75
Lucky bastards 🥰

$GLBS I had my order filled at $4.80 on that dip✅ This is down for no reason IMO, maybe the selling of equity shares?

@Luke81c $GLBS 💯💯💯💯💯💯

$GLBS Finziv, yahoo, market watch all have different shares numbers which is more accurate, I always thought Finziv was the better 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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