🌙 After Hours Movers 💫

$GLBS ⬆️ 13.64%
$TRCH ⬆️ 6.70% Original 🚨at $2.22 🔥
$SQBG ⬆️ 5.90%
$SHIP ⬆️ 5.08%
$PIXY ⬆️ 4.44%

🔥 Tickers making moves in after hours part 1:


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$GLBS 📚📚📖

End Of The Year Annual Report

$GLBS placed another order for this morning. Hoping to pick up some additional shares before the rip 😜 I suppose I’m also hoping for the actual rip 🤩 Traditionally we end the week red, which kind of sucks, but maybe, just maybe, this is our week! If not, as the old sayin goes for us Globulls, “Maybe next week!”. I’ll just keep happily accumulating as I can. High risk, high reward. Let’s do this!

$GLBS Does anyone know how much a supramax costs to acquire these days? I suppose its price should increase in time as there is a scarcity of vessels available?
I still have a tingling feeling that Thanos is working on selling the company-assets.. Wouldnt be surprised if we saw some consolidation in the sector and given GLBS's dimension, it would be a good target for an acquisition. It might be cheaper than scavenging vessel after vessel as prices increase.
So, how much would it be worth?

$GLBS Boner is a go, boner is a go. It looks like its a big one.

$GLBS Trading is easy with Buy and Short signals displayed on the chart,

$GLBS back to my entry - not one of my better trades. Had expected much volume on this name.

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