$GHIV ok safe assumption that I am a moron so can someone please explain it like I am 5 . Why is this not moving I mean I have been holding this for like a month and watched other spacs run to 17-20 on rumors. I Mean sbvcf or pipp just based on one having jayz and the other having biden cabinet members are higher than this . So what am I missing the vote is tomorrow and this can't break 13 .

$GHIV Talking $GHIV With Mat Ishbia | ZingerNation Power Hour

Enjoy the 9am vote and all day run tomorrow if it passes.

2021 Ever growing Earnings and epic year for this company, might get some longer calls next week and shares also.

My friend messaged me around noon today about $GHIV....

$GHIV bag holders. Every spac sells off into Merger... dont follow these fake pumpers. So many better optione

$GHIV i was in at 13.26 bro i shoulda just copped more $LAC lol. this is really a dud.

$GHIV have probably let a lot of people with disbelief. That might cause selloff as soon as holders strike a bit profit - only to miss out potential big gains down the road. Not judging anyone because i am really pissed my self, and i will never look back again if I decide to dump all my holdings!!

$GHIV I really just missed BB and WWR due to this 🤢🤢🤢 something told me to sell at open man FUCKKKKKKK

$GHIV should I take a loss here? Idk if this is ever going up!! 😭😭😭🤢🤢🤮

$GHIV tHiS iS oUr WeEk 15-17 EaSy.
Shut the funk up. Who gives a shit. Just be patient. All you gucks wanna get rich quick.

$GHIV if this doesn’t go up tomorrow, I’m out. Missing way too many other opportunities holding this POS

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